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23rd June 2016

Post workout snack! Easy and delicious.

Post workout snack! Easy and delicious. Are you not sure what to eat after you finished up a hard workout?  You must read this article. You’ll […]
27th March 2016
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Happy Easter! [Don’t Feel Guilty]

Hope you’re having a nice bank holiday weekend and are enjoying some quality time with family and friends. Easter is a great time to enjoy some […]
25th March 2016
Should You Go Organic-

Should you “Go Organic?”

Many people will promote organic produce and not even know why they are eating it over normal and most won’t want to pay the additional cash […]
18th March 2016
High Reps vs Low Reps

Best rep range for muscle growth

You’ll hear a lot people stating that there is a specific rep range YOU MUST be training in for optimal muscle growth which is usually 8-15 […]