Complete & BalancedRaw Dog Food

Developed with a Canine Nutritionist

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Seriously Informed Raw Dog Food

Healthy Dogs. Perfect Ratios

Choose delicious complete and balanced raw dog food. With canine nutritionists, we source all-natural superfoods and prepare them in the perfect ratios for optimum nourishment. We test it in the lab and we see the results every day in the field. Dog health and happiness is always our first priority.

Natural Ingredients
UK Made
Veterinary Approved

Optimal Nutrition. Honest Care

With a top Canine Nutritionist, we’ve calculated the precise ratios of each valuable nutrient that your dog needs for our complete and balanced meals. Meticulously tested in an independent laboratory, feel sure you’re offering optimal nourishment from a trusted source. As dog training professionals - with behavioural and psychological accreditations and veterinary experience - we’re caring experts, committed to the same cause that you are. Feed raw to help your dog be at its happiest and very best.

  • Help your dog be the very best it can be
  • Created for dogs by leading dog trainers
  • Simply click and send - thaw and feed
  • Promoting a healthy evolutionary diet
  • Top quality meats supplied from UK farms
  • Natural raw dog food for supreme health

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Tried & Tested in the Lab & Field

We've spent years perfecting our recipes with a leading canine nutritionist