About Us

First Choice for serious nutrition

Born out of a genuine love and care for the health and vitality of our loyal, best friends, First Choice Nutrition offers informed and serious nutrition. Actively raising, training and caring professionally for dogs, our team takes a positive, caring and natural approach to pet health and vitality. We offer fresh, complete and balanced raw food in the perfect measures, making your life easier, and giving you full confidence.

Optimum raw dog food – tested in the lab and the field

Serious about dietetics, we’ve carefully formulated the optimum, fresh and convenient, complete raw dog food. Teamed with a leading Canine Nutritionist, our foods are proven to contain the perfect measures of healthy goodness; strict ratios that we’ve tested extensively in the lab and field. Fats, proteins, nutrients and natural supplements, giving the great taste and total nutrition your pet needs and loves.

Great produce in our raw food

Kale, apple, spinach, herbs, broccoli, salmon oil, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and organ meats – just some of the choicest super-foods that we meticulously hand-blend for great taste and peak nutrition. Ethically sourced and fully traceable, all of our produce is carefully selected to support British Farmers. Not only that, our natural raw food tastes great too!

Easier foods for sensitive dogs

Caring for sensitive or itchy dogs, we’ve prepared a raw pet food range free from cereals, grains, rice, colourings and preservatives. Using single-source protein, we limit your pet’s exposure to potential intolerances and allergies, whilst still offering a complete and balanced range of essential nutrients. Easier on the stomach, our hypoallergenic menus can be simpler for pets who suffer from poorly tummies. Skin and bowel conditions are also common reasons for opting for our simpler preps.

First Choice for convenience

Delivered to your door, all you need to do is thaw and feed. Preparing the right raw dog food takes knowledge, skill, time and plenty of energy. Let First Choice Nutrition get it right for you. Order online and your menus are prepared fresh, immediately blast-frozen and sent swiftly, sealing in thirty-seven essential and balanced nutrients.

Hygienically prepared to the highest standards

Far exceeding DEFRA standards of hygiene and preperation, we work carefully to strict Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plans (HACCP), taking every step to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our raw pet food menus. Checked by DEFRA at every step of the way, we’re proud to be spotlessly clean, tidy and thorough in our prep