It’s All About Dogs

Genuine Care

We know what’s best for dogs. Breeders and trainers of prime pooches for owners and for the film industry, we feed your pet for peak health. Hands-on training, veterinary experience, qualifications in behaviour and psychology and a little help from a Canine Nutritionist, all combine to inform our food.

Traceable Quality

From our busy kitchen in the North of England, we blend our rich expertise into the healthiest possible complete and balanced raw dog food. Your dogs come first, so we select only the freshest and best ingredients to go into our recipes. Honesty and fairness to pets - and to you the owners - is top of our agenda. So too is the trust and traceability that we can only achieve from working with UK farmers.

Our Raw Values

What is important to us? What matters? And how do we inform our decisions at First Choice Nutrition? Well, all of our hard work is guided by these three, key principles.


    We love dogs, so everything we do starts with this in mind. That means fresh ingredients, it means trials in the lab, and it means work and play everyday with our dogs.

    We believe in being friendly and flexible. Our open communication comes from hands-on experience and we’re always more than happy to share what we’ve learnt.

    Traceability and confidence are a non-negotiable. To best serve dogs, we gather information, resources and ingredients from UK professionals and sources that we know and trust.

Raw Food Feedback

We genuinely care because we want your dogs to be at their very best. We know how to prepare prime nutrition, but it’s your feedback that makes it all worthwhile. Take a look at some of the reviews we’ve received from happy dog lovers on our Facebook page.

‘Recommended by a breeder and I would never look back. Excellent quality food and the pups can’t get enough of it. My Frenchie and Jack are thriving on a First Choice raw diet. I’m recommending FCN to everyone I meet with dogs.’

‘Amazing quality raw food for such a fair price! All of my dogs have benefited from their new diets and have come on leaps and bounds! I’m now on a repeat order.’

‘I’ve been using FCN for around six months or more now, and ever since we switched, our boy Hugo has been so different. He used to lick his paws constantly and he’s now stopped. Also, he used to suffer with hives and they’ve completely gone. He’s also gained a bit of muscle mass. I can’t recommend First Choice Nutrition enough. And really competitive prices too! But regardless of price, the care of the food comes first.’

‘Would recommend this company to all my friends and family! Floyd always looks forward to receiving his delivery of food and any queries I have had with Floyd and his diet, FCN have always been there to help! 10/10 customer service always received.’

‘Absolutely works wonders for my dogs! I have a British Bulldog who had weight problems, now he's lost a lot and he’s looking more defined. Also, he was losing hair on his sides, which is now growing back. I would highly recommend this food to anybody.’

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    Optimal nourishment from precise ratios developed by a Canine Nutritionist.

    Qualified, accredited, scientific, up-to-date and tried and tested in the training field.

    Leading breeder and member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

    Carefully selected whole foods and a minimal process so that dogs eat naturally.