Adult Diet

Complete raw food for lasting care

Benefit from great-tasting and carefully apportioned raw dog food, without any of the fuss. Complete and meticulously balanced, our range offers absolutely optimal nutrition with no need for extra supplements, keeping your dog in the prime of its life. Our tasty menus are delivered quickly and easily, ready to simply thaw and feed. As well as our adult dog food range, we also offer puppy food, a senior menu and we offer hypoallergenic care especially for sensitive dogs.

Adult: Chicken Complete with Vegetables

Lean and delicious, Chicken Complete is a single meat protein source, perfect for dogs transitioning to a natural raw food diet. Gently cooked vegetables, seasoned with oregano, are lovingly hand-prepared in our kitchens.

£3.50 per kilo

Adult: Chicken with Lamb Complete

Popular and scrumptious. Providing optimum health with two simple-on-the-stomach sources of protein. Chicken and Lamb Complete flies out of the kitchen as one of our most celebrated meals.

£3.50 per kilo

Adult: Turkey Complete with Vegetables

Sensitive pets will love this grain, cereal, preservative and gluten-free hypoallergenic recipe. Boosting immunity with meticulous nutrient ratios, whilst carefully managing the number of ingredients, keeping the risk of intolerance low. Lovingly made with turkey and gently cooked vegetables to ease digestion.

£3.50 per kilo

Adult: Turkey with Lamb Complete

A best seller. Appetizing turkey and lamb, specially blended for variety and the upmost vitality of your dog. Convenient, fresh and incredibly enjoyable, with all of the flavour and nutrients your pet loves.

£3.50 per kilo