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  1. Our Italian Greyhounds are big fans of this one, second to the Beef and Tripe complete meal.

  2. Half of our raw food order is always the Beef with Tripe, the rest is a mix of the other First Choice complete raw meals. Our pups really love this one and it’s also leaner than some of the others if looking to lose keep weight off. A good one to get them into raw feeding also.

  3. Excellent value! These are pretty big and keep our small dogs amused for hours. They never get upset stomachs with First Choice food and treats either. Perfect!

  4. A fantastic dog treat, I’ve never met a dog who doesn’t love these. Ideal to break into any size and carry in your pocket as not too smelly. Highly recommend.

  5. These are an all time favourite with our two. Never seen them anywhere else. Every dog should try them. Yum!

  6. Bring the owner of three large breeds, it’s hard to find something that lasts – and these beef knuckles exceed expectations!

    Not only are they a long-lasting nutritious treat, they’re also a fab piece of enrichment. Sure to tire your dog out.

    Ours have a beef knuckle once a week, at the weekend, usually after a nice long walk. The perfect way to wind down. They always know when a beef knuckle is coming – and they LOVE them! So much so…. they expect them the minute we get back!

  7. What can I say, ours LOVE these!!

    As they love them so much, we use them as a super high reward treat when training.

    We defrost and chop into smaller chunks, to make them go further. Equally as good for those toy breeds.

    We’re never without our chicken hearts!

  8. Dog absolutely loves this! Eyes like saucers whenever he smells it, but being dried, means it is easy to handle and doesn’t leave a smell in the house.