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Investigate the US Pet Food Industry with this Independent Documentary

‘We researched pet food for over a year and we were just confused. When we started filming we had absolutely no idea!’

Kohl Harrington Film Director – Pet Fooled

Pet Food Exposed

US Film Producer, Michael Fossat had a Labrador with an itchy stomach. He suspected it might be something to do with his pet’s diet so he employed Film Director, Kohl Harrington to investigate. Together, they’ve captured an expose of the inner workings of the commercial pet food industry. Get it watched, dog lovers.

Check the trailer and catch the full film on Netflix.

Get Pet Educated

The film isn’t without inaccuracies, but for pet parents everywhere it’s an interesting angle on the growing need to be conscious about nutrition and to put your dog’s needs first. We recommend you take a break from Game Of Thrones and Black Mirror and get some pet education on the agenda. Tune in.

Quizzed about the film, Director, Kohl Harrington said,

‘We literally sat people down from the pet food industry and interviewed them. This is how we got to learn about what’s going on.’

Read Up On Dog Health

And there are some highly respected figures from the industry featured in the documentary. People like Dr Karen Becker, Susan Thixton and even the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It’s great to soak in these perspectives. It’s all food.

‘We’d heard the rumours – good and bad on both sides – of the raw dog food discussion. You know, Dr Karen Becker and recall lawyers from the pet food industry, etcetera. We just called them up and we managed to get great comments from a lot of very credible people.’

Check Your Sources

Much of the available information out there in the ether of pet feeding is created and supported by the pet food industry. This accounts for a lot of the contradictory information that’s available online. So an investment in another conversation is well overdue by our reckoning.

‘It’s a sensitive subject for many people and I think the industry can get away with a lot.’

Stay Informed

Pet Fooled has been a surprise hit since its release in 2016, playing at major cities in the US, hitting film festivals and getting great figures on Netflix. Catch it while you can. For the next instalment, Pet Fooled 2 is now in production, but we haven’t seen the release date yet. Stay tuned, pet lovers.

Buy What’s Best

The pet food industry tells us what to feed our pets based on what they want to sell us, not what’s best for our pet. Overweight, obese, arthritic, diabetic dogs with skin conditions and allergies have sadly become a norm. Take action. Spend some time to understand what’s best for your pet and make the best possible choices based on appropriateness, quality and natural health.

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