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5 Top Tips From a Leading Vet

‘I’ve fed my dogs raw for twenty years…more people are getting their eyes opened.’

Dr Judy Morgan
Veterinarian Medicine Specialist (DVM), Chiropractor & Food Therapist

Dr Judy Morgan has studied and applied both conventional, western medicine, as well as complementary and alternative therapies for dogs. Just like us, she puts dogs first. Judy’s written many books on the subject and is a leading voice in the dog food field.

Check out her 5 top tips raw feeding.


Take control’, she says, ‘Check what’s inside. Study the ingredients. You want what your pet eats to be packed with real and whole foods. You want it to say exactly what it is. When ingredients are listed as meat bi-products or meat derivatives, that’s mystery meat. If you have a pet with sensitivity to a particular protein, how do you know what you’re feeding?’ We agree with Judy. At FCN we use chicken, turkey, kale, salmon oil, seeds, apples, spinach, organ meats, beef, lamb and other nutrient-packed whole foods from trusted sources. Read our label.


Would you rather get your nutrition from whole foods or from synthetic pills?’ Asks Dr Morgan. At FCN, we ask – what do you think your dog wants? Raw dog food has naturally occurring levels of the goodness your dog needs. Natural probiotocs. Natural enzymes. Everything your dog needs is in fresh, whole food.’ Our sentiments exactly. Raw is how dogs should be fed, for optimal health and without the need for processed rubbish and supplements.


The veterinary industry is well supported and funded by processed pet food industry. Many pet food bodies have broad statements advising against raw food diets citing the potential hazards of bringing raw meat into your kitchen. Now, call us stupid, but anyone that prepares meat in their house for dinner does exactly the same. It’s no different.’ Dr Morgan raises a great point, we know that we have to take care in handling raw meat and clean up – just like when we stuff and roast a chicken. Give us some credit.


When you make the shift to raw dog feeding stools are likely to change. This is natural. Judy notes, ‘If you’ve been feeding your dog the same kind of proteins for the last 6 months then a new diet will have new effects.’ Take the time to get the balance right and ask us here at FCN for help with transition.

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At First Choice Nutrition, dog health is our number one priority. We prepare and deliver complete and balanced raw dog superfood that’s supported by science and tested in the training field.

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